Sureify, Inc.


Sureify’s aims to better educate millennials about life insurance in order for them to make an educated decision about what type of coverage they need. Their goal is to have their users understand life insurance quickly. Sureify reached out to Vendus Product Labs to build a website that would clearly list terms and have a built in calculator that makes it easy to estimate their users insurance needs.

What We Created

iPhone App
Web Design
Branding Design

30 minutes

You know you’ve gotten something right when someone else, with an opinion you respect, affirms it. This was the case with Sureify. After we finished work on the website and app, a popular design firm in Sweden featured Sureify in one of their webisodes. It’s always nice to know you’ve created something internet famous that’s not your grandmother on YouTube.


shades of green debated for the logo


life insurance quotes generated during research