Stanford University Vegethon


Dustin (Head of Product Development) decided it was time to focus on his health, so he enrolled in a research study with the Stanford University Health Department. He learned they were preparing to conduct a different study on vegetable consumption among adults, but they didn’t have a participant interface to log data in a fun way that would also encourage adults to eat vegetables. Long story short, Stanford asked Vendus Product Labs to build them an iOS app in order to launch their study.

What We Created

iPhone App
Branding Design

30 vegetables in the app

When you're a carnivorous group (as we are) it's hard to know what every veggie in the world looks like. Believe it or not, this can make designing beautiful veggie icons somewhat difficult. We're proud of the elegance of our final product even if it meant extensive vegetable research.


regarding tomatoes being a fruit or a vegetable


total pounds lost by our team